Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Day After

I am so freakin tired! I can not stay up late anymore, my sister says I'm a baby but whatever! I need my 8 hours!!!! Concert rocked! Expected no less because they are Gods of the music industry. Seriously they are always fanfreakintastic! Very much fun was had by all and I screamed and danced a lot, throat a little sore and voice a little hoarse. I would really like a nap though. The limo ride down and back is so the way to go. The driver dropped us off in front of the Staples Center and then picked us up right after. No sitting in the parking lot for 45 minutes waiting to get out of there, no paying for parking & no walking a mile to the car after the show! So much fun! I love watching Aerosmith perform though the sound at the staples center could have been better, but alas there's nothing I can do about that! Really must nap!
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