Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's Thursday and gloomy

One more day until friday. I really can't wait to sleep and not have to wake up to the alarm. I never sleep that late but I always wish I could sleep later every moring when the alarms goes off. The weather here is "sunny" California can't seem to make up it's mind...rainy, sunny...which is it going to be? I't's wet and chilly right now yet by Saturday/Sunday it's supposed to be in the high eighties which means ninties in the valley! grrrr

Anyway finished the baby blanket and have 5 of 16 inside squares done for my new blanket. I really need to get going on a shawl for my daughter for Christmas. Last year I made everyone scarves so I don't think that I'll be making anything for anyone else besides here this her. If I could figure out the beanies I could make them for my boys but I don't know if I can get them figured out!
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