Monday, February 27, 2006

I have a cold

I really do not like having any kind of illness. Once someone gets it then it will run through my house and my sisters house so it will seem like there are sick people for weeks! I took my Airborne & my Emer'gen-C and my Sudifed so I'm hoping that I can knock it out of my system quickly and then I will load my kids up with Airborne & Emer'gen C and if I cross my fingers it might bypass them! Anyway enough of my sick rambles.

I did get all but the last square done for Jon's blanket! That will be finished tonight and then I can get it put together. yeah for me! Then I can get my mother's scarf started and out of the way before I start Andrew's Orange & Turquiose monster!

I got all of my yarn that I have at home (I have 2 containers here at my sisters) organized and labeled. I have 5 large plastic bins and I went through them & sorted by WIP's, baby yarn, thread and worsted by color. My fancy yarns are in cute hat boxes and baskets in the living room. I need to make some squares and send them to
I have enough miscellaneous yarn to make lots of squares!

This is the yarn my mom picked for her scarf.
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