Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It is now Tuesday and I have completed nothing at all but have started another 2 projects!  Oh dear, what is wrong with me?  I pulled out my basket of goodies...ok one of my baskets of goodies, this one being the one that I was hoping had eyeballs in it (it didn't!) but it did have a lot of buttons to use as eyes so that worked out fine.  Spread things out and wow, just too many things going at once!
purse that needs assembling, bird that needs repairs, scarf that needs more yarn, etc.
I of course started the doll for my Niece and worked on the head a bit.  I have added the eyes and need to do the mouth and stuff it, but I seem to have lost the excitement for it, I do hope it doesn't end up abandoned in the above basket.

Head started
Had lovely sunshine on Saturday and did a bit of playing in my tiny garden, my flowers are blooming and the poor things that had been neglected while Brandon was living with me are now thriving and getting ready to bloom once again!
My little yellow Primrose
Saturday night, I was watching Merlin and Kid came up to snuggle with me...on my lap, under the blanket!

silly boy
While walking the dogs on Sunday afternoon I passed this mirror that someone had discarded....very common in my neighborhood, people get rid of their furniture by leaving on the sidewalk, really quite ridiculous but the mirror was good sized and unbroken so I collected it for my wall!
Great size and reflects the light beautifully
It's heavy and large and the frame is in great condition, although I am not a fan of gold I can eventually repaint the frame.  I do like free things!
a close up of the frame
Next up the other project I started.  I started this because I had a headache and making dolls requires much more concentration then a simple scarf.  This is a scarf that my Mother has requested from me, red and white  stripes.  Simple and easy peasy for working on while watching Merlin in the evenings.  

Now let's see where this week ends up!  Daughter has a driving test in the morning for her license, New Who on Saturday and Easter is Sunday! 

Listening to:  Should've Known Better by Cinder Road
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