Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Into the night

Ok catch up time....
Brandon moved back up to Santa Rosa a week and a half ago and I have been busily getting my house back to normal.  My living room is now boy free and clean again.  Now I love my youngest Son, but the boy is a bit of a slob.  This is the first time I've really seen the top of my coffee table since November!
Katlyn and I got set up to watch the Academy Awards last Sunday, made sure that we were all comfy on the Daybed that used to in Katlyn's room but switched out the sofa for it when she got a new bigger bed and Brandon got to sleep on  mattress instead of a sofa....run on sentence there!  Well we no longer have the sofa since I hated it and now we are using the daybed as our sitting space, weird I know....but it works well enough.  ANYWAY.......while settling in for the show the animals congregated around and on Katlyn :)

So my time has been spent cleaning and working lately, I am working on Katlyn's Sherlock inspired scarf which I have now started and frogged a total of 3 times before finally settling on a pattern and really making progress!  I need to get pictures of it though.  Been working on it while watching the first season of Downton Abbey.

Silly pictures while at work
Sometimes I do have creative ideas and they actually work out just as I envision them, always a plus!  So I thought of a penny and a pictures and well it worked!  First try too!

Along with my cleaning I decided I needed color out on the balcony so Saturday morning I went to Lowe's and found a couple of flowers that don't require much sun since I get zero direct sunshine on my balcony.  Got my hands dirty and enjoyed a gorgeous day outside!

Now I have a bit of color.  Got 2 different Primroses, some lovely pink Impatiens to match my hair, a small Ivy plant that will hopefully live and a small succulent to replace one that died a tragic death!  I told Katlyn yesterday if these flowers don't live I am switching to cactus!  Pictures are a small circle around my balcony after the planting.

Tall cactus doesn't belong here, but it was windy last week

The bedrooms get all the sunshine and that's where the dogs like to be during the day.

Kid enjoys the sunshine....on my pillows!
Now I finally got the fringe done on the Katlyn's Skinny Doctor scarf.  Really procrastinated on it, but Sunday morning I pulled it out and finished it up!  Done and on Katlyn's neck this morning!

I think that really all I have in my catch up time, sorry that's a bit wonky and all over the place and really in no particular order of anything...oh yes and random pictures!  Apparently this is my thought process lately!  It's Tuesday and I'm at work so I really must get back to doing that!  the boss does like when I work!

Listening to: A Place To Die by Five Finger Death Punch
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