Friday, March 08, 2013


Well here it is Friday at last, ready to Spring forward this weekend and it's pouring rain outside!  The weather in Southern California is so weird!  If it rains all weekend I think I shall be curling up with Netflix and yarn....yep I do like that idea a lot!
Really hard to crochet like this!
So pictures of the Sherlock scarf, really nothing "Sherlock" about it, other then the dark blue and even that's stretching it a bit since really he wears different scarves and none of them being I guess it will be Sherlock inspired...there that's better.
scarf so far
Hard to get the color right in a photo, maybe if the sun comes out over the weekend I can get something better.
a close up
I also have the second season of Game of Thrones to watch so I will be sitting down with that for sure!

My Sister asked me to see if I had any nickel sized buttons and well since I have a ginormous collection of buttons I figured I could come up with something for her to use.  I did and then felt the need to play with the buttons I had pulled out.

Now I completed this hat for a friend way back January and of course promptly struck it in a bag and forgot about sending it off to England!  I am a great friend!  Anyway, I never got a pictures of it with the gold flowers I did for it, so here is a picture and I now have to take it to the post office to ship out!
little golden flowers
Yesterday while waiting for Katlyn's class to end I added buttons to my crocheted flowers that I had added to my purse I made last year...just jazzing it up a teensy bit!

And there you have it, all done for the week and oh so ready to start the weekend!  Still have 2 hours and 15 minutes left in my work day though...not that I'm clock watching or anything!

Listening to:  Loser by Beck
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