Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Go You Own Way

Things going on....not tons.  Getting ready to head up North tomorrow night for a quick visit so I thought I'd do an update just so it's not overwhelming when I get back!  Went through the pictures on my phone and uploaded the ones I thought were interesting, making this a picture heavy post.  The full moon on Tuesday  was fabulous when we were coming home from Katlyn doing one last practice run in my Sister's big SUV so she could take her driver's test on Wednesday...she passed.
Huge full moon, bad phone picture
I usually bring a banana to work daily and I put it in my desk on Thursday morning and had forgotten about it until I needed a stamp...I was amused and felt it needed a picture!
Banana in my desk
My weekend was spent trying to wrap up unfinished projects, especially ones pertaining to the people that are supposed to receive them in Santa Rosa!  So I pulled out Alysha's purse, got the velvet lining cut and sat myself down with an episode of Broadchurch and got to pinning!  This was on Saturday which was complicated as it was Doctor Who episode and we do not have BBCAmerica with are cable for some unknown reason BUT my Sister does so I reserved her bedroom for a couple of hours of Doctor Who viewing.  I unfortunately got my times wrong and Katlyn and I rushed about our Saturday to get to my Sister's by 4 and found that it didn't start until 7....grrrrr!  fine, I took that time to go to the market for the salad fixings I needed for Sunday and then watched Netflix with my Nephew until 7.  I did have my Mom's red and white scarf to work on so at least I made progress on something.
trying to get it done!
Sunday being Easter meant I had less time then I normally do on my weekends since we would being spending the afternoon at my Sister's so again I put on an episode of Broadchurch (great show and all caught up!) and worked on sewing the purse.  Then did some chopping for the salad.
chopping the lettuce
Got a picture from Alysha of Brooke being Brooke :)

I got a message on Facebook from Toni that since her birthday was Monday I should make her a Bush Baby...sure I don't have a million other things going!  haha, I grabbed the yarn I needed and worked on that on Easter.

The start of a Bush baby
We have fun in my family and my Sister enjoyed giving me a lovely sharpie tattoo proclaiming my Easter Whore title....really no reason other then to giggle!  Did you know that olive oil takes sharpie right off?  Seriously!

Just hanging out with friends and family on Easter while eating all kinds of goodies on a lovely day!
Instagramming on the couch
Now we are caught up with the weekend...I settled in last night to work on projects while watching Series 4 of Merlin.  Bush Baby needs eyeballs and I don't have any at the mo....time for a JoAnn's run, but I'm kind of busy trying to get things done to go North.  Maybe I'll take Brooke with me when we are up there.  
Bush Baby head in progress
Worked on my Mom's scarf as well.  Looks different then the first post for it because I frogged it a started over in a new stitch and I like it better.  No curling and it's a looser feel without holes.
1 sc, 1 ch (can't remember the name of stitch)
So Merlin and yarn, always a good combo.  Well that is until they kill off a character that I like! Seriously, BBC shows are really good at that...wonder if I should be concerned about Broadchurch!
yarn, Merlin and Diet Coke!
That wraps up my news for the day so far.  Leaving after work tomorrow for the 400 mile roadtrip so I'm sure there will be news after that! Katlyn's driving so I get some crochet time which is always wonderful.  Maybe I can pop into Castaway while I'm in town and pick up some more Navy yarn for Katlyn's Sherlock scarf too!  Another busy weekend ahead and a Granddaughter to smooch!  YAY!

Listening to:  Dirty White Boy by Foreigner 
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