Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Highway Star

And here we are another quick and random update of sorts.  Friday night was chilly and it really called for tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  Of course with everything looking so tasty and pretty I whipped out my phone to get a picture of it before filling my belly!

Now considering it is National Crochet Month I am really not getting much crocheting done at all. in fact hardly picked up my hook at all and I really need to get working on something!  I seem to be easily distracted of late and must work to remedy that!
Saturday morning I awoke to the sight below....I carefully reached over a grabbed my phone to get a picture, really hard to get a decent photo at such a close range and the fact that everything was blurring considering I had just woken up!

View from my pillow

While doing laundry on Sunday I happened to notice that the shelves behind me on the weird built in hall not closet thing,  needed a good dusting and the knick knacks needed a bit of sprucing as well.  As I was cleaning everything off this idea came to me...washi tape?  hmmm.... maybe it will fit....it did!  I was pretty darn happy with myself and now my weird built in not closet thing is cheerier then ever on yes and I have too many knick knacks!

a close up on the tape
So there we go, nothing exciting at all and the weather that was cold and rainy is now hot and sunny....ugh!  Now I'm hoping that I can finally get Katlyn's Sherlock scarf done just in time for the hot weather!  Ha, no not really but I need to get it done and off my hook!
Between this blog and a friend of mine asking how my weekend was I can see that I lead a most extraordinarily boring life!
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