Friday, March 22, 2013


Friday...yay and updates...yay.

Crochet and Merlin
Actually have finished Katlyn's Sherlock scarf this past week, though finished really means I used up all of the yarn and Katlyn thinks it's too short...great!  It needs to be blocked to help even it out and hopefully that will stretch it long enough and if not I will either try to get more yarn for it or keep it for myself. 

Nothing terribly exciting going on of course, as I have said before my life is pretty boring so the filler pictures are generally food and pets!  Up first will be food.
thought these looked pretty 
and then onto the pets

Max was quite comfy!
Oh yes and drinks....went to my Sister's for dinner last Friday and she made this fantastic little drink for me.  Pink Lemonade, sorbet, lemon-lime soda and vodka! Delicious.

no name, just tasty
Got myself a new printer at the office on Wednesday and can now print all things!  I was printing to the copier, but couldn't print envelopes on it which then entailed using my Sister's computer to print envelopes to her printer and it got to be much of a hassle!

installing process
I designed a doll for my Niece's birthday this weekend and hopefully I can get it done, strapped for cash this week and I like making gifts anyway!

I do love my artsy drawings!
Now I really did intend to work on the above drawing last night but I had to wind the yarn into a ball from a hank that I had kool-aid dyed and it was going along nicely...just watching Merlin and making a lovely center pull ball when Kid decided he needed to get in the middle of everything and my hank is now knocked off kilter!  Sigh, I will get this started tonight though, off at 4 today and then home!

These gloves I have had started for a while and worked on them Wednesday night added 3 new bands of color.  They still have a couple bits to go but I brought them into the office to have my Sister try them on and see how they worked on another hand besides mine.  Took a couple of photos while I had it out.  Got a new lens and film pak from Hipstamatic today and wanted to try it out, I like it!

That's me done now, back to clearing off my desk before quitting time rolls around!

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