Thursday, December 27, 2012


Well this here shall be a Christmas-y post!  Still recovering from the Christmas goodies, really entirely too many sweets!
Got the bacon scarf finished up before Christmas Eve and only had to weave in the ends before wrapping it. For some crazy, insane reason I wait until the last minute to shop and bake and wrap.  Drives me mad every year, but I still do it.
Working on the bacon scarf at work

Working on the bacon scarf while watching Netflix

Goldfish tree at work
So now onto Christmas Eve and the work I did!  Made a spinach lasagna, made quite a few dozen cookies, shopped and wrapped all gifts.

Pasta prep
Wrapping station

Christmas crowns
By the time Christmas morning rolled around all kids were bouncing and happy!
Brandon got a harmonica for Christmas

My Nephew and his bacon scarf

Katlyn got a Chopper hat 
Christmas is over now and we are getting back into normal life again, which of course includes work and making dinner!  Katlyn got me a lovely bamboo cutting board and I was able to put it to use for last nights dinner!

new cutting board in action!
Really a wonderful Christmas this year, everyone had a great time and got all kinds of goodies!  I really thought Brandon was going to burst from happiness!  So now back into routine and back to my crochet projects that had to sit out for little bit, while I got the bacon scarf completed.   My Sister is planning a craft fair for February in her home so I need to get cracking on making things for that!  Maybe some extra cash to be had or maybe just some new contacts, either way a good thing indeed!

Listening to: Dead Man's Ballet by Sixx A.M.
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