Sunday, January 06, 2013

Nothing is real

Today is Sunday.  I have posted nothing is over a week, that is a shame.  I have been doing things, not tons of crochet but a bit.  I keep coming up with new projects instead of finishing up the ones already in progress.  I really must get better about that!
Last week I decided I needed a lime green cowl after having seen an outfit on pinterest that featured a lovely lime green cowl paired with a long sleeved gray shirt and jeans.  I of course have lime green yarn because well I was working on a lime green and purple blanket for one of my Sons and he has changed his mind about the colors....let's put that soft lime green yarn to use!
Can't tell the color well here.
I made it up as I went, did enough chains for it to wrap twice around my neck and did alternating rows of sc & hdc.  I like it but I could do with a bit more rows next time.  This is done is Simply Soft yarn, so it's soft and floppy, just needs a tiny bit more bulk, but it's quite nice and I wore it all day at work without it being cumbersome.
Ok next up, my Sister and I have this running joke and I ran across this pretty little tea cup and saucer set that had the word whore written on it, well since it was Tuesday night and I couldn't very well get it before work the next day I did the next best thing I came up with as a lovely gift for my Sister to come into work to on Wednesday.  I made her a bracelet!  (Photographed on the lime green cowl, showing a much better representation of the color)
Just a little something for my Sis!
Know on with other things keeping me busy!  Since I didn't get any of the DVD's off of my Amazon wish list for Christmas I ordered a couple myself!  First up, Doctor Who the complete first series with my favorite Doctor!
Happy me!
I second one is Lennon Naked which of course stars Christopher Eccleston as John Lennon.  Never been Beatles fan really, a couple songs here and there but I do find John Lennon most interesting after having seen a movie a few years ago that I can't remember that name of but was about how the band came together....anyway John Lennon...Christopher Eccleston AND Andrew Scott... figured it couldn't hurt to get it and check it out.  I did try to get it through Netflix or anywhere really but I'm guessing being as it's a BBC show hard to come by over here in the US.  Anyway I wasn't disappointed and very much enjoyed it.
More happy me!
So DVD's to watch and my new Roku that I did get for Christmas means hanging out lounging on my bed!

little purple Roku
Pink and tan hat all done except for the gold flower, again slacking on getting it out!  I do hope it stays cold in England long enough for her to wear it when I finally get it in the mail!
Got to weave ends and add the flower
Now I decided yesterday that I wanted my own Doctor Who scarf....yes the one that is ridiculously long worn by the 4th Doctor.  I did some research on the colors and went out and got some yarn last night.  Now according to I'm sure that my colors are a bit off, but it's not meant to be an exact replica anyway, because well I don't want a scarf that is 11 inches wide and I am not knitting it!  So I am following the measurements of each stripe and color and going along from there.  Mine is only 4 inches wide but will be ridiculously long and I can't wait!

Yarn colors.
Of course the colors don't look all that correct in the picture but they are pretty good in person I think, though watching a bit of the 4th Doctor last night, the chocolate brown is quite a bit browner then he is wearing!  Oh well, I don't care in the least and so far it's making me very happy to work on!
and we begin a new adventure
So there we are a full a complete update of things around here.  At least for the moment...the scarf will have more pictures as this day goes on!

Listening to:  Here Comes The Sun by George Harrison
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