Monday, December 10, 2012

Should've been me

Oh the weekend is over and I am still pooped!  Carpet went in Saturday morning, which meant I was up early to pack up small things and move big things out of the rooms to have carpeting!  Ugh, so much complaining from my son but everything was moved out and ready when the guys got there.  Pretty annoyed that when the guy called on Friday night to confirm, he tells me then that he wants cash only...yeah I was not amused with that information on a Friday at 5 pm. So moved all furniture, piling everything in my room, Katlyn's room, the kitchen and even the balcony!  There are pictures below just to show!  Let's say that making tea was a tricky experience!
Bananas are good

bookshelf was the last to go

just circling the rooms

there's the balcony filled up
dining room
Making tea and coffee over furniture!
just another shot around the rooms
So the walls are in complete need of painting and it glaringly obvious after everything has been emptied out, this is the first time that we have actually emptied the entire living and dining rooms of everything.  We moved into the condo fulling loaded with EVERYTHING and over the past 2 years we have moved and gotten rid of things, but never emptied it out!  It was pretty cool and very saddening to see the horrible couch have to be relocated back into it's place!  

Tea for Katlyn
Tea for me

almost done
my newly carpeted living room!
I was sitting the buffet in the kitchen at this point, leaning up against the frig with my tea and yarn, trying like crazy to get the Santa hat done in time!

Alysha sent me this picture
After the carpeting was in, Katlyn vacuumed and Brandon and I moved things back to the proper spots and later there was a need to start Christmas decorating...Katlyn started with the dog!

Kid all wrapped up in tinsel

Santa dog! 
So we arrive at Saturday night and I have finally finished the Santa hat and added the pom to it and we have Christmas decorations up and we have carpet.....Ahhhhh, what a weekend!
All done and huge!
Listening to: I Would Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf

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