Thursday, December 06, 2012

She will be loved

Exciting things this past week! Purged large pieces of furniture that weighed a bloody ton!  Carpet guy came on Saturday to measure and bring by samples...yeah, getting carpet this weekend!  Yes, I didn't want it, but I cannot stand the dust in my house that having no carpet brings!  Maybe when I have less animals I can go with hardwood, but at this point in time just not going to happen!  The carpet is a lovely Hot Chocolatey color and should stand up against the zoo I have in my household!  So than no large wall unit means that I have a HUGE wall (ok I always had the huge wall, but now you can see it!) so up went my birds!  I got Brandon to help with the hanging since I am a wee bit too short to get that far up the wall.  So I popped up the first one and we went from there.
hanging birds
Scattering of birds
My niece requested an oversized Santa hat to fit over her riding helmet for a parade and I have started it, it's quite large!  Need it to be done by Sunday, yikes!
Santa hat in the making!
So now on to the food shots because I seem to take no pictures these day unless it's a silly food shot or an animal!

Donut this morning
I was crocheting last night while watching a very sad Torchwood (why is it they have to kill main characters???) and Kid was snuggled on next to my legs all sprawled and comfy....silly dog!
Kid sleeps
More food and drink.....
Afternoon tea

Carna Asada fries...sinfully good!

So nothing much new other then carpet and hats oh yes and food!

Listening to: Kyrptonite by 3 Doors Down
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