Monday, December 17, 2012


Another week gone by and another week closer to Christmas.  I have done next to nothing in regards to shopping for said holiday.  I have a few gifts bought and still so many to go...9 days left, no wait 8 days left, good grief this could be a challenge!
Got the Christmas tree on Thursday night.  Went with my sister and my Niece and Nephew and of course Brandon and Katlyn, a nice family evening of hunting out the perfect tree!
Katlyn in hunter mode
Got the tree situated on or in our vehicles and decided to go to dinner.  My Sister had promised my kids sushi a couple of week ago and so off we went.  My children were very happy...I ate chicken!
sushi bar with the family
Got the tree into the house and put the lights on leaving the decorating for Friday after work.  Had quite a bit of fun going through boxes of ornaments!
First ornament on the tree :)
Our own weeping angel
Saturday morning went across town to pick up a new (to her) bed for Katlyn!  She was most happy and even happier that she has no classes for the next 2 weeks and can lounge in her new bed for those days now.
securing the load
final bits added
I'vd started working on Riley's bacon scarf.  Which I really need to get busy on if I hope to get it finished in time!

So there we go, no crochet picture though.  I really need to get better with that!  Seriously this blog is just a picture blog lately!

Listening to: Onset by Buckcherry
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