Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Well here it is the one day of the year that's hearts prevail :) I really have no care for the holiday itself but certainly don't begrudge anyone who loves it.  I do like my hearts and used to take lots of pictures of all kind of hearts, but alas I really can't be bothered, lost that passion I guess.  Wow, I am really coming off as a downer with the start of this post, I better eat some chocolate!  

Just some yarn love this morning!
Started a new set of gloves, this time in blues & greens.  I am loving them so far.  Started with Cascade which had strands of green and blue and of course have to have the super soft Angel Hair in there and the next (far right in the picture) is Watercolors by Lion Brand.  I had a label on the green, I used some in the pink pair I made but since it was just a bit of leftover pink yarn I had forgotten what it was.  Now the yarn is long discontinued but if you run across it be prepared for intermittent bald patches!  There is a white thread through out and it appears that the green and colored bits twist up with that, well have experienced more then once (at least a half dozen times with the other balls of this) just the white thread, the green having pulled apart.  I have managed to camouflage it well enough it the scarves and with these gloves, but it is rather annoying to run across.
1 of 2 started
  And now on with more annoyances.....WHY oh why do I have to start a skein off like this!  I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get this mess sorted!  All just to get to the middle pull.....grrrrrrr!!!!  Plus it is Jiffy yarn that is fuzzy and the fibers all kind of stick to each other making it very difficult to get apart, really I should just cut it and toss the mess, but I cannot be that wasteful!  I did get the mess untangled and started the next row on my glove, just ranting for the sake of ranting right now.
Mess of knots
My Sister brought in a bag of Hershey's Hugs when she came into work this morning, so chocolate goodness all around!  Hope everyone is enjoying their day!  I best get to work on this mess of a file that is spread across my desk right now! I'll leave you with a heart :)

Happy Valentine's Day

Listening to:  There's Only One Way to Rock by Sammy Hagar
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