Friday, February 03, 2012

Happy Friday!!

Excellent that it's Friday.
I have things to do and really nothing like the weekend to get them done!
I am nearing completion on the Black & White Striped hat for Katlyn.  So that will be off the hook either tonight or tomorrow and just need to get a flower made for it.
24 rows total on this with 4 bands of each color stripe.
So yeah, that's my wonderful fun filled post for today, pretty exciting stuff right!  I have been cranky lately, probably that's just from missing my boys.  I need to take a trip, though Christopher is planning to come down and bring Brooke for a visit right after Valentine's so there's that to look forward too, I always love to play with Brooke and am gathering crafty ideas to keep her busy and get new art from her....wicked Grandma I am :)
Happy Friday!!

Listening to: Awake by Disturbed

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