Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Almost forgot a title.....

Ok pictures as promised :)  I pulled out a heart pattern last night that I printed awhile ago to make a heart garland and of course never did, but decided last night I wanted to try the heart and see how easy it was.  Conclusion, super easy and could have continued on the next round of the pattern but I like the size in is now after 2 rounds. Not sure if I will continue on making more or not, but we shall see.
Little heart I whipped up last night using cotton yarn
Katlyn wants a flower for her black & white striped beanie, but doesn't know what color she wants it in.  I had this Malabrigo out already and the bright orange of it is striking so I whipped up a flower for her....no go on the orange.  I guess I will try purple tonight and keep this pretty little thing for myself!
A flower for Katlyn's striped hat in Malabrigo, Tiger Lily
Now these are the square I played with on Saturday.  First up is colors inspired from Cath Kidston, I again saw a blanket on  Pinterest  and loved how it looks and am pretty enamored with the line anyway (and Greengate, but I will have to move out to England to get it apparently!)  Fished through my stash and did a granny square.  Don't know if I will ever continue but I like making granny squares up in fun combos for a new blanket inspiration!
Inspired by Cath Kidston colors
Here is another smaller granny that I had written out on a "granny's to try" post-it that I have.  2 solids rounds, a variegated round and then a white round.  Can't recall if I saw this combo out in the internet world  or not, it's not pinned on my board so I can't remember!  I think I like it, I might have to do more of these little squares and try putting them together and see how it looks.
Red Heart Yarns, Pink Camo, Lt. Raspberry and white
Up next is the gray beanie that I am trying to turn into a Bender hat for my Son.  Almost done with the basics, just a couple more rounds and then ear flaps.  Everything else will be add ons, the eyes and the antennae.  I put up a picture of Bender so there is a reference, I am making just his head above his teeth.  I have a sketch I drew up somewhere.....let me find it and take a picture.  Ok found it!
My sketch
Gray beanie base for the Bender hat.
This is Bender
There we go, my official crocheting update.  Nothing major but cranking along!  Hopefully get the beanie finished up with the basic hat bits and start on the ear flaps tonight.  It will be good to get this done since I wanted it for a Christmas gift and here we are into February already!  
I need to get a swap package together too of reds and pinks as I was informed that my partner has already gotten my package in the mail!  I have scouted the yarn and just need to order it now.  Best be off and get something done today before my boss notices I'm not typing for him!

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