Thursday, February 09, 2012

I have a short attention span

I am terrible at having so many projects going at once, not just crochet even.  Not just crafty stuff either, household things.  When I moved into my condo it was full of stuff and on top of that I had my own stuff, so packing up the previous stuff and then unpacked my stuff kept me pretty busy, but I was very easily side tracked, so while sorting through things I would come across an item and find a use for it in another part of the house and go put it away and start working in that part of the house, seriously this went on all of the time, I had to make a list to keep myself somewhat on track :)  Now see even typing I go off track!!  Back to my crocheting, I saw fabulous gloves last week while cruising around the internet, I think when I was checking and updated by links over there on the sidebar in fact and came across someone looking for a pattern to make these pretty things!
So sweet!
I loved them and thought they looked so fun and heck I have so much yarn, but well life has a way of making me forget things IF I do not write them down or pin them!  I have found though that things that are meant to be tend to cross my path again and it just so happens that checking on some pages yesterday I ran across Me MaDonna  and she had figured out her own way to make the gloves herself.  Clever girl!
Her finished version.
Instant love I'm telling you and this time I pinned them AND remembered them later at home.  I went digging for some bits of yarn to see if I could give them a go and was very pleased that I could indeed do something without a pattern and pretty random.  Ok the picture is crap, but I love the gloves, I have this one close to done and excited to get started on the second one, going to go digging in my Sister's stash on my way home tonight because she has some chunky yarns that I don't.  When I showed Katlyn this morning, she liked the colors, but said they really needed to be worn with long sleeves.  
Officially the worst picture ever!
So that's my update for today, again still not done with Steven's Bender hat, sigh that poor hat keeps getting shoved aside.  One day, one day!

Back to work now!  

Listening to:  Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue

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