Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday! Yipee!

Looky here, I got one off my hook and another on.  My sister gave me a bag of mixed yarns yesterday to play with different combinations of colors & textures, so once I finish this pair I will start another!
A better picture then yesterday, but really still not the best.  I am going to have my Daughter help me in getting a picture in nature light instead of my horrible office lighting when the pair is complete.
Finished.  Yarn top to bottom...Jiffy, Paton's Divine, LB Suede, Sensations Angel Hair, unknown, Bamboo (I think Bernat) and Sensations Beautiful.
 All yarns are in the first were rounded up from my stash and the second one will be from my stash and from my Sister's stash.  Now with the size of my stash I could easily make a pair of these for everyday of the week....for all the females in my family....and any males that want them, though somehow I cannot see any of my boys asking for a pair ;)  Brooke will be down to visit next week and I am going to make her a pair, letting her pick out the colors herself and fitting them to her hands  Should be fun!

I'm out, gotta get ready to go home, it's Friday afternoon and I am happy!

Listening to: Let You Down by Three Days Grace

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