Monday, February 06, 2012

Superbowl Monday

First things first, I have no crochet pictures, even though I completed the black & white striped beanie and made 2 different sample granny squares...I forgot to get pictures of them!  I was cooking this weekend and getting ready for Superbowl, so tried to cram my normal weekend duties into Saturday.
I have food pictures :)  I am liking food photography at the moment, so food plus my iPhone are kinda my thing right this moment.
Soon to be salsa!
I couldn't resist how pretty this looked in my red colander after I washed them up.  All shiny and so full of color!

Jalapeno Crescent Poppers 
Found these on Pinterest a few weeks ago and pinned them to my food board, had to try them!  So good, I made them pretty spicy adding more then the called for jalapenos, but I like spicy and so did everyone else at my Sister's.  I also made BBQ Chicken Wings at my Daughter's request and a 7 layer bean dip.  My Sister made Corn Salsa, Guacamole and Sliders.  Plus we had the assorted cheese/salami/cracker tray and chips & dips.  Even the game was exciting this year.  I managed to crochet through most of the game working on Steven's Bender hat (haven't taken pictures of it since it's just a plain gray beanie right now.)  

Kid enjoyed the game ^.^
I finished off a star blanket yesterday that I stumbled upon while looking for some green yarn.  Decided Kid needed a new blanket, that's it in the picture that he's laying on.  The blanket had been sitting incomplete for quite awhile now and since I had completed the last of the navy blue round, all I needed to was snip and sew in the loose bits and fortunately I had done the sewing in of ends as I changed colors so it took 5 minutes and Kid had a new blanket.

Almost time to go home for the day so I better get things locked up!  

Listening to:  Seven Days of Lonely by I Nine
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