Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nothing at all to do with crochet...well maybe somewhere in the rambles

I have been crocheting and will break out my camera soon, though I have posted some pictures on Facebook using my iPhone. Anyway I have things in my head running around and they seem to need an escape. I shall type them out of my head and then get back to regularly scheduled programming.

I am very grateful for all I have in my life, let me say that right off, that doesn't mean I will not complain about things though. I have a car and am grateful that I do, but other drivers can drive me crazy! Really please I am not a speed demon, I do not need to speed from one light to the next, but please for the love of everything, drive the speed limit!! Nothing will send me over the crazy edge faster then a person driving on a clear road 10 miles under the speed limit. I don't care that we will meet up at the next red light, I just want to drive the speed limit. Can you tell I drive surface streets a lot! Complete venting needed over this and again I'm not complaining because I am grateful that I have a vehicle to drive.

Ok driving down, next...

Saturday morning....ahhh the weekend I can sleep in, wait what's that noise I hear.......oh yes it's Max and he wants to go outside, sigh. Throw back the blankets, shuffle to the bathroom, get my jacket on, open Katlyn's bedroom door to let both Max and Prue out and of course turn off her TV and Wii. Proceed down the hall to see the Moo wants food (she is a piggy bunny) and then seeing that one of the other cats has left me a nice pile of vomit, ugh...step over that for the moment because little dog is bouncing around to go pee, get a plastic bag from the kitchen, step over the vomit again grab the leash and my keys, slide on my outside slippers (I have inside ones too) and leash up little dog...away we go all before 7 am on a Saturday! Ok he does his business and we trudge back upstairs, vomit staring me in the face basically telling me no more sleep for me. I brush my teeth (I do nothing besides walk the dog with my teeth unbrushed!) make my bed...ditto for the bed making and head out to the living room to clean up vomit, oh wait bunny needs food...fill her bowl and give her hay, turn on Sheldon's basking light (didn't mention the lizard yet did I?) grab some paper towels and on the way out of the kitchen notice 2 more spots of vomit...sigh! Clean up aisle 3, 4 AND 5!!
Done with the clean up, fill the kettle with water, measure the coffee into the press, turn on the water to clean Sheldon's dishes, do a couple of dishes, turn off water and realize I don't hear kettle making noise...yep forgot to turn it on, flip the switch, get Sheldon's greens out of the frig, gather what's left of crickets, stop and write a not to self to buy more crickets today, feed Sheldon crickets, chop his veggies, feed him veggies, water's now done, pour into coffee press and flip on computer while waiting........whew!! Make a list for my day ahead even though Katlyn has shopping plans which will include me driving her, but that's ok I need to get crickets =)
Wow, doesn't my life sound fabulous in type!! I actually love it, not the vomit part of course because well that's nasty and stains the carpet! I mean seriously, steam cleaning doesn't get the stain of cat vomit out! (wondering how many times I have said vomit in this entry) I do indeed love my life, it works rather nicely for me and I have learned that there is no use whatsoever in worrying about the things you have no control over. I still worry of course, I am human and have a tiny bit of a heart. I live in a zoo by the way if you haven't figured that out yet. 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 bunny, 1 hamster & 1 bearded dragon.

Ok I will stop typing now and pick up my hook as I can see it sitting there sticking out of the blanket I am working on waiting for me this one, remember it???

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The New Pollution by Beck

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