Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New yarn

Oh dear, I found a fabulous yarn store while visiting Santa Rosa for Brandon's graduation! Just such a great little shop, I loved how it was set up and the ladies were friendly and the yarn, oh the yarn! Just yummy! I bought 3 hanks, when I was only going to buy 2 but I'm telling you it's hard to resist when presented with such gorgeous colors and glorious softness!! So here they are for you to gaze at and really just so soft and beautiful...did I say that already?
Malabrigo, Silky Merino in Atardecer. The colors in this are just stunning! 51% Silk 49% Merino Wool...just 150 yards of goodness I say!
Malabrigo, Worsted in Mariposa,
the first yarn I laid my eyes on and it was instant love! I am working on a scarf in this right now!

Malabrigo, Worsted in Lime Blue.

Do you see a trend happening? Yes I do have a new found love for Malabrigo yarns! It's not even crazy expensive and I can't wait to go back to Santa Rosa and visit my sweet yarn store there again. Really you should visit if you're in the area, Cast Away in Santa Rosa, California on 4th street! I will be taking some pictures of the store front next time, it was raining on Saturday when I went so didn't want to stand outside in th rain taking pictures!

Here's the scarf....a simple stitch and very light and airy. Ok the picture is mostly about the yarn, but you can see a bit of the scarf. I am thinking of adding some flowers to it as well, haven't worked out the details just yet, was very excited to get started on something with my new yarny goodness!

Ok, off to work on my scarf now!

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