Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UGH!! Well at least it's my Friday!

My week has been insane, I am going to Santa Rosa tomorrow for Brandon's graduation!! YAY! I am so happy and will have loads of pictures from said event! Anyway in all of this business that means my crocheting gets pushed aside a bit, though not entirely because I am working on potholders and I carry that in my purse and get a few stitches in on a break at work.
These are coming along slowly, but at least it is a very portable project! I do love the bright color of the cotton for these, though I was told that they were too girly. I did reply that they could easily be pink so don't criticize the girl with the hook...he changed his mind and thinks the color is fab now =)
So anyway I will have these on hand to work on in Santa Rosa and will be taking Brooke's new blanket yarn and working on those squares, though I don't think I have posted a picture of those here...let me check.
Nope not posted yet,
just small squares in purple, lilac, green and yellow all bordered in white. Just random colors put together, I will have to get some pictures of it spread out when I get home. Brooke likes it so far, she saw it last trip up when I had a couple of squares done, she was very excited that it was going to be for her. I have Steven's new square done for a 20 square blanket since I never did complete the one I started for him in Lime green and Purple, I have a bunch of squares done and I will do something with it eventually I'm sure! Brooke might love it =)
Anyway I better get some work done here so I can go home with a clear conscience while I'm away. I still have to pack and go to the store and get a few things for the animals before we leave at o'dark hundred!!

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