Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a tired Tuesday

I work 2 jobs, now only 1 of those jobs full time and the other is 1 night a week...Monday night to be exact, but it's still a long day for me and when I get up on Tuesday morning my poor feet give me a hollar about having to be stood on for 5 hours straight the night before! Anyway that means no crocheting done or at least any measurable amount, I did get a tiny bit done on the ripple yesterday (Monday) morning while waiting for Katlyn to get ready for school and got a row done on a potholder today, so a teensy bit going on. I do have the ripple in my lap as I type, but have only done about 10 stitches on it tonight. Tonight I have a board meeting and before that I had to feed Katlyn and myself but since I was crazy starving from lack of food intake yesterday and not much today I ran to Jack in the Box and we ate fast food! Oh yes and Sheldon got a new jumbo sized tank so we set that up as well before the meeting. Crazy 2 nights so far, I'm pretty tried and really think I shall crawl into bed after pushing the publish button on this!

Oh yes, most important news, Katlyn passed her California High School Exit Exam!! Her first time taking it too and so now that is done and out of the way!! WooHoo!!

That's all folks, short and sassy!

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