Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eeeeek, I have pictures

Well only one picture, but that counts...right?

I have made it to row 101 on this ginormous ripple. It's not that big really, it does fit nicely on a queen sized bed though. Only 21 more rows to go and then the weaving in of the ends, the most fun of any thing I make! I will be happy when this is done because I have so many other projects in the works and have had 2 people (not family) ask me about price to make one! I have a list!!

I went to my storage unit that I have had since moving up to Northern California in 2007, sadly I have not really had a place to keep everything. When I moved back down to So-Cal I stayed with my Sister for a few months and had no place to keep my things.
Then when I moved I moved into a friends house that was fully furnished, so I had yet again no place to put my stuff. Gradually I did retrieve a few things but when he decided that the house needed to be sold, my stuff was again packed up and banished to storage. (not my yarn, that goes where I go...all 8 giant plastic bins of it!) So in October I inherited a permanent address! Finally a place for my stuff, but alas it has not been so yet, I moved into a 987 sq foot condo that was completely furnished, head to toe. I have spent the last few months going through everything, donating things and packing up the things that my Sister is taking to her new place whenever she moves! So in the mean time I have full cupboards, and boxes filled in the dining room and cabinets stuffed with things that are not going to be staying here. I have plans for my stuff, for painting the walls and renovating quite a bit, but for now I am resigned to simply going over to storage every once in a while and grabbing a couple of boxes and then bringing them home! Oh joys of seeing you stuff that you haven't seen....I forgot all about having a Lava Lamp =) It is now on and doing it's thing and gives me a smile! I am downsizing as I go too,
and I do donate quite a bit to the local Goodwill store, but it's great to unpack all of my family pictures and get this place to look like home!!

ummmm, yeah this was supposed to be a crocheting post, but it turned into another rambling of my vomit was mentioned so I think I'm doing good!!

PICTURE time: row 101 is the blue one one the left!
Thanks for looking!!

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I Own You by Shinedown

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