Sunday, June 05, 2011

Scarf finished

Finished my sweet Malabrigo yarn scarf. I like it, it is a bit shorter then I usually wear, but it works fine. I decided to add a couple of flowers to it while working on it and the fringe and since I wasn't sure how much yarn I would have leftover for the flowers and fringe I finished up the scarf and then made the flowers and fringe. Next time I will whip out the flowers and cut the fringe first and then just crochet until the yarn is gone. I don't have too much left of the yarn, but I definitely could have added a few more rows. Hindsight... it is all done.
I like the flowers done in the same yarn, they are there just subtle and gives it a bit of character.
I am going to work on getting my other Malabrigo yarn wound into a ball instead of the hank and start a Queen's Anne Lace scarf found here. Looks like a fun scarf and something different for me.
I also need to work up a swatch for someone who wants to buy a ripple blanket for me. So that's what's next on my list, besides all of the other WIP's I have going as well.
I bought the 3rd season of True Blood on DVD and have 1 disc left to watch, so I can swatch while watching that. Need to mail off the swatch tomorrow so she can approve the colors and the pattern and I can get started on it.
Now I am off to complete my to do list for the day so I can actually watch my DVD. I have a mightly to do list...
Laundry......nearly done at this time.
Plants re potted.....done
Balcony....mostly done, swept clean of leaves and deck scrubbed, unfortunately the people next door let their dogs piss on their balcony and the smell is horrific out there right now. Sending a letter to the board, oh hell I'm VP of the board!
Trash out....done
carpets (cat puke)...little steam cleaner comes in very handy
pictures hung....still have to add details to the green one, but will measure and hang the others
boxes packed....this just pisses me off. people wants all this stuff but I have to pack it up and move it for them. I won't even go into the boxes stacked in my dining room waiting for them to get moved, oh wait that will be my job to get to deliver them. vented there, sorry

Off now~

Listening to:
B.B.K. by Korn

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