Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update for today!

First off...I have the finished kool-aid yarn to show off.
It came out a bit different then I thought it would , but I really like it. It has a sherbet feel to it. Now to make something with it.
I pulled out all of this: yesterday so that I can make a ripple from it. The original pattern that I started and frogged was one from KnitPicks and while I didn't mind the pattern so much, it was ridiculously TOO much for some of this yarn. The Quarry yarn and the Suri Dream yarns are VERY fuzzy making stitch finding super hard!! I tried to work by feel, but every row was a joke and I had to add and subtract stitches each time. So I will be using it for a simple wavy ripple that I am trying to design as I swatch it. We will see how it ends up! I want to get the whole thing done in time to enter it in the Somona County Fair and I have until June 22nd to get it entered! EEEKKK...I haven't enter before and I'm a bit nervous. I will be entering the pig that I did for a birthday present and see how he does as well.

That's it for today, I've got to get going to work...14 hour day today!

Listening to: How Much I Feel by Amborsia
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