Saturday, May 12, 2007

How not to spend a Friday night!

Well the day started off normal enough. I got the kids off to school and did my regular stuff before going to work, I even gathered belongings to start my new project,
since I had completed the wrist warmers:

I took my project in my yarn tote to work with me and even got the head done while on break!

All is well a good so far...then about 8pm I get a voice mail from my Daughter stating "they are taking Christopher to the hospital" ...don't you LOVE those kind of messages! Anyway I call to see what's going on and apparently during his bike riding stunts, he fell! So I arrive at the emergency room to find this:

Nice right?! (He was quite thrilled to know that I had my little camera in my purse)
Handy little thing to have! Doesn't take the best yarn pictures but it's convenient in my purse!

Anyway after much waiting around, a CAT scan and Xrays, he's fine. Just a lot of road rash! Did not make him all that happy to sit there for 4 hours to find out nothing was wrong, but oh well! I did get to work on my dragon though since it was in my car, so here's the progress on that:

Head done, body 99% done! Now off to the drug store to get some Vitamin E so we do not have scarring!

Listening to: Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier
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