Monday, May 21, 2007

Back again!

I have been active...not enough crocheting but at least active! I did get exchange squares done and sent and started on my next set before I am late again! Working a swing shift really seems to mess up my day! It seems like a great thing...I don't have to rush with the kids to get ready and off to work, I get quiet time by myself in the house for a few hours and I can even get dinner ready before work, BUT getting home at 9 at night just has me catching up with the kids and going to bed with no real relax time. Plus on nights when I have my second job, well I get nothing at all done! I really need to schedule crocheting time! Ok enough ranting!

This is how my Mother's Day started out:

I don't recall why I needed to go to Wal-Mart...wait I think one of my boys wanted Hemp & Beads to make a bracelet...that's it. So off I went to Wal-Mart nice and early on Mother's Day to get my son something! I did get a little something for myself while I was there:

I'm going to make wrist warmers with the Red Heart and another Baby Dragon with the Bernet Softee Chunky! My first Baby Dragon is moving along, I had to put him on hold while getting the squares done, but I will pick him up today.

I got a kit to make your own tie-dyed scarf as well and had leftover colors so I was able to do a shirt for my son and a tank top for myself! My Son Brandon is a bit of a hippy and LOVES tie-dyed clothes!
So after Wal-Mart we went back top the house and did a little tie-dying and then packed up and went to the beach and while I won't bore you with a bunch of beach pictures I will give you these:

After the beach it was nap time and pizza for Mom!! Aaaahh Mother's Day!

That's it for now, I do have list of things I want to make and have even ordered and needle felting kit from here. I am going to try making an eyeball as shown on Monster Crochet and attach it to a felted messenger bag that I am trying to design, we'll see how that turns out!

Listening to: Lie To Me by 12 Stones
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