Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Well I got a few things together, not accomplished entirely but I'm coming along! I started a quick project yesterday out of necessity for myself. I lost my sunglasses case and since I LOVE my sunglasses (Mother's Day gift, last year) and since I can't afford to replace them, I figured...what the hay!!! I can so make one out of yarn...anyway here's the picture: (please forgive the quality, I can not seem to find a camera that takes good pictures around here... I need my KODAK!!)
Notice how it is a lovely granny square. I am joining over with caution though, you will spend a lot of time admiring every one's work there! So I felt that I should use a granny for this particular project. I have a pink Hawaiian print that I will line it with and I will post pictures when I am done. Both of the yarn are Sugar n' Cream, the Lime is left over from Christmas potholders! I'm just making up the rounds as I go but so far the center is DC, the next 2 rounds are HDC, the 4th round is SC and then the last pink round (right now) is HDC. Nothing fancy just trying to give it a bit of stability!

Ok Daughter gets out of school early today so I am picking her up and then we are going to lunch and then off to find some fabric so she can start a purse that she wants to make!
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