Monday, June 03, 2013

don't act like an angel

Another week has come and is a pretty boring update of sorts.  Katlyn asked me to make her a wrist band as worn by one of the characters in One Piece.  Easy enough, just 5 stripes in blue and white.
Started for Katlyn
working the last stripe
Coffee is my closest friend in the morning!  Really have no reason to take the picture, it doesn't show much but my coffee is hanging out with me....see friends!
getting ready 
Friday afternoon at the office and I decided I needed a new desktop background....hmmm what better way to go!
my desk before going home
Grocery shopping on Friday on the way home from work.  Easy enough, had a list got what I needed and then got home.  Now I live up 2 flights of stairs...that makes me a fan of NOT going back a forth hauling things inside, so I do what any normal person would do in the same situation....I gather all of the bags and haul them up in one go.  Bags hang on my wrist and I really haven't had an issue with this method previously BUT for some reason this time the bags left a mark...actually several marks and a bruise.  These photos was taken Saturday, yikes.

So Friday night dinner consisted of BLT's, Mike's Hard Lemonade and Otter Pops...fancy in my house dontcha know!
Saturday Katlyn and I headed to a used bookstore that we have often passed by and decided we needed to visit!  Packed full of books, sadly I only found one author that I have on my Amazon wish list but one is better then zero and I saved a couple of bucks buying it there in paperback instead of Amazon in Kindle edition, so not a bad thing.  Plus that makes room for more to add to my wish to get an actually Kindle!  I currently read my books with the Kindle app on my phone or on the Cloud Reader on my computer so it hasn't deterred me from reading Kindle books by not having a Kindle.   

Bookstore shot
It was a hot one on Saturday so after our trip to the bookstore and the market we decided to head to my Sister's pool for a bit of floating and reading....yeah baby, good times!

My new book!
Now you would think that during the heat I wouldn't be making a giant pot of chicken would think that but you would be wrong.  For some silly reason my Daughter loves chicken soup when it's hot outside, weirdo that she is and the supermarket was very accommodating by having whole chickens on sale this week!   Grabbed a couple of them and Sunday made a pot of soup!  Happy Daughter!

time to start chopping
So that's my fantastic weekend update...that and I got a boys phone number too.  Haha, that amuses me to no end, especially when I have my Daughter telling me to call him and laughing at me for being so socially awkward!  I do love my kids and their ability to make fun of me and love me for my craziness!

I called....

Listening to:  And The Cradle Will Rock by Van Halen
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