Monday, June 10, 2013


Bracelet making has turned out to be a bit addicting.  I make them when I fancy a matching accessory for work, I make them for friends and family and I make them just because I have a pretty button to use!
This yarn matched my Monday outfit perfectly!
Didn't have a royal blue in cotton yarn so I dug through my thread and found the right color blue and used thread and a thin cotton yarn I had on hand.  She was pleased.
Katlyn asked for a blue and white one
Barbara's birthday bracelet
Christina's requested turquoise bracelet
Made 3 others that I didn't get photos of, I was at a party after all and there was a wee bit of drinking involved.
Up next is some food shots...just because.  My Son always laughs at everyone taking pictures of what they are eating and posting on instagram, so I do it to amuse him mostly.  Tri-tip salad on Thursday and Quinoa salad on Friday.
Lunch on Thursday
Dinner on Friday
yarn play on saturday

Katlyn got an award

Friday's drink of choice
Saturday's drink
Read a few books this past week as well.  Sylvia Day's newest came out of Tuesday and my Mom preordered it in Kindle format so I picked up her extra Kindle afterwork and started reading.  Of course on Tuesday I realized I was reading a total of 3 books and by Wednesday I had upped that count to 4...yes all at the same time!  Sooooo, I finished some of them up.  Well I finished up 3 of the 4 for Wednesday, started 3 others in there and got a total of 6 books read last week.  Not a bad week, my wish list on Amazon just keeps growing instead of getting smaller though!  So many books to be read!  Can't wait for my up next to read books by Cherise Sinclair, should be hot, hot, hot!  Heading up to Santa Rosa midweek for Brooke's birthday so I will be able to read while Katlyn drives!  Gotta make a couple of bracelets for girls up there too! Should be a busy week ahead for me!

Listening to: 12th of Never by Bodycast

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