Wednesday, May 29, 2013

careless whisper

So had a lovely 3 day weekend in which I was a hermit and quite happy about that!  I read books, cleaned house and crocheted....yep perfect weekend!  Katlyn went out with her cousin and they hung out most all day and night so it was just me and the animals on Saturday, I whipped up a bunch of cuffs and wraps and read of course since I can't seem to not read these days!  I am starting to worry about myself!  Katlyn says I need to read some "smart" books for awhile, she suggested Macbeth.  
Getting warm in So Cal right now and I really need to come up with some recipes that are not hot and heavy.  I do like comfort food but they are usually on the heavier side and more in line with Winter cooking. Hopefully I can come up with something interesting and tasty!
comfort food at it's finest
Wraps and cuffs are making me happy right now so I'm whipping them up and wearing them all of the time.  The only problem is that they are all the same really, just different colors.  I need to get a bit more clever!

black wrap
When Katlyn is out the dogs tend to hang out fairly close by me.  Like sleeping at my feet!  Kid is especially clingy and plops right under my chair.  I moved and I looked up at me with his sleepy face on!  Can't resist a picture with that face.
Kid all sleepy faced
Brandon text me out of the blue on Saturday evening and made me laugh.  My boys are really good about texting me throughout the week just to say Love you Mom but he was a bit more detailed this time!  Always makes my day!
random text from my Son
Pulled out a stash of cotton yarn and buttons and started coordinating them.  I like the blue/turquoise with the white button. 
blues wrap
have had this yarn for awhile now.
And just because I think my blog needs eye-candy every once in awhile, I shall present David Gandy....yikes!  Really just too pretty, he should be illegal!  
this man is beautiful
Last night started a wrist thingy for Katlyn.  Bad phone picture making everything yellow tinted, but it will be 5 stripes of blue and white.  It's modeled after a One Piece character's wrist band, it just goes to mid forearm.
new project
Of course it's good to show the mess on my table and that I am creating things albeit the same kind of things right now!
mess of wraps and cuffs
There we are this weeks wrap up of things I have done.  Nothing terribly exciting but getting things done, even small things makes me feel good, which of course is brilliant!  

Listening to: Always On My Mind by Loverboy

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