Monday, June 24, 2013

walk on water

I had hook in hand this past week, I read and cleaned and got loads done as well!
My Sister found a cute little bracelet idea on Pinterest and I thought I would give it a go, failed at it....but gave it a go nonetheless.  It failed because of the bulkiness of the yarn I chose.  I am going to revise and revisit with a much thinner yarn and I think it should work on this space!
failed idea
Summertime here in California means cherry season and I do love me some juicy cherries, so does my daughter and I have to be careful they don't disappear from the frig before I get any!
a reason I love summer
A freezer full of Otter Pops helps during the Summer as well, really frozen flavored water...what more can one person need on a hot Summer day?
another reason I love Summer
Saturday morning wake up with Katlyn gone means that my dogs are a bit needier then normal, Kid especially!

morning doggy time
So I started on a market bag that Joann's is doing a CAL on.  Fairly simple even though I haven't gotten too far yet. 
something new
round 2
I had to run out Saturday to pick up dog food and figured since I was out I would pop by the used book store and get #2 of my Fever series.  $3 is a great deal and it's even a real book! 
a real book
Of course I ended up not reading my new book or finishing up my market bag because I got distracted by my new Kindle Fire that I got on Saturday late afternoon.  My birthday present from Alysha and Brooke!  Christopher called me late afternoon on Saturday with Alysha in the background asking me silly questions like my zip code and the name on my drivers license??  Weird things and then Chris tells me to call him when I get an email from Best Buy?  OK....I get the email saying my order is ready for pick up and I head out to the store.  I hand the guy at the desk and email and he goes off and brings back my new Kindle!  Yikes!  So bloody happy, way fancier then I was going to get for myself too! It's awesome and so pretty so I HAVE to make a case for it right away so it stays all pretty.
my new love!
Whip up a very simple moss stitch case and locate some buttons for it and since I really couldn't leave it all plain I added some cherries just to give it some swag! 

working on a case for my new love
All done and I am so pleased with the cherries, but I dislike the buttons with the cherries so I will be replacing them with some white ones this evening!  My Mother wants one now with a duck on I have to figure out a duck!
a finished case
So pretty productive, read tons of book this past week and plan on reading ton more this upcoming week on my new Kindle!  I will also be finishing the market bag as well.  Cheers!

Listening to: Outside In The Rain by Tommy Shaw
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