Monday, May 20, 2013

Yankee Rose

Decided I needed to clean up and organize things this weekend so that's pretty much what I did, with the exception of reading 2.5 novels....I think I did pretty well!  First up my keys!  I had half of them on a lanyard so I could grab and go when walking the dogs and be able to separate my car keys from all of the rest because my Dad has it ingrained in my head that too many keys will pull out my ignition.  Anyway the problem was that my keys were constantly separated and that in itself was driving me crazy.  I sat down and put them all together with a hook on my car key to remove it for driving.   
I have too many places to get into
Started working on a new rooster.  I asked Katlyn to choose a color, she picked purple.  I dug out some purple and started working adding lime green for his plumage.   

new rooster
Now during my organizing I realized I had a sewing basket sitting around with stuff in it but nothing in it being used for sewing.  I cleaned it out and it is now used for my crafty bits....beads, fancy buttons, etc. and put those items into jars I had hanging around. It was a bit of chaos during the organizing, but I think I got it under control.
decided to organize
So the purple rooster got a name, Ramone and started getting himself together.  Well I kind of helped in that.
Ramone coming along
Ramone all put together though I think he is lacking something but can't figure out what he needs and he is not speaking to me. 

Ramone P. Rooster
Next up I finished my little pincushion that I started way back last May and never got around to putting together.  It just hung out in my project bag all crocheted up just waiting to be put together and stuffed.  While organizing I figured I needed a pincushion for my pretty little pins and grabbed it out of the bag and whipped in together and stuffed it!  Stuck some pins in and it's done!
Put together and finished
And of course since one can never have too many projects going on, I thought I would make a cute cuff that I ran across while checking out a link from pinterest.  The pattern is free from Lion Brand here.  The pattern calls for different yarn and a K hook and I of course being the rebel crafter that I am chose cotton thread and a G hook.  At bit of adjusting and experimenting and I got my own cuff.  Now of course I had to roll the hank of Tahki Cotton Classic Lite that my Sister had gotten for me awhile ago and I didn't have any ideas for it until last night. Got nearly done and then got a bit tangly.
so close to done
And it done.  Now since adjusting the pattern to my hook and yarn I also adjusted for two buttons instead of the one that the original pattern called for and dug out these pretty buttons to go along with my lovely new cuff.
made this
Busy is what I was this weekend I'll tell you!  Not to mention my regular chores that the weekend brings!  I feel very accomplished right now!   Wonder what I can get done this week?  And how many books can I read?  

Listening to:  Help Is On Its Way by Little River Band
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