Wednesday, May 15, 2013

cock of the walk

Sometimes I get creatively silly ideas either they pop into my head or I see a picture online and off my brain goes!  Well now this chicken, oops rooster came up when I was searching all things chicken related for a gift for my Sister.  I saw a couple different versions, both with patterns 1 free and the other not.  Now I do not have any problem paying for a pattern, none whatsoever in fact, but the pattern was pretty pricey for this little chic rooster and since I had done a taco bird a few years ago I though I would just do some creative adding of parts!
The bits...coming along
now of course I am always thinking of other projects when I start rolling and have to do a silly I drew out some coffee cozy ideas and we will see if they come out or not!
Again my fabulous drawings
Last night was all about the rooster, who for some unknown reason picked up the name Eugene while I was putting him together!  Why yes, thank you I am a nut!

Got Eugene put together and gave him some googley eyes and he is one happy rooster!
this morning
And now here comes the rest of my crazy confession....I crack myself up, I mean like really crack myself up!  Laugh out loud, alone in my car, driving to work kind of crack myself up!  I shall explain.  I decided Eugene needed a full name (don't judge) and proceeded to give him the middle initial J for standing for nothing at all just liked Eugene J. so what goes with that than?  Ok Eugene J. Rooster, perfect right...oh no wait here's the cracking myself up part, I changed Rooster to Cock and burst out laughing!  Good lord I am such a child!  So allow me to present Eugene J. Cock all complete!
Eugene J. Cock
My Sister loves him I think as much as I do and really I didn't want to give him away!  I guess I will be making another rooster for myself, who knows what name I will come up with next!

It is good to be crocheting again even though my reading has literally taken over my life lately!  I cannot seem to stop reading and the worst part is the books I'm reading are not exactly great literature...I mean entertaining to me yes and some even educational (haha, sex ed for sure!)  guilty pleasure indeed!  These small projects are my balance right now, read a bit and crochet a bit!

Listening to: Bad Motor Scooter by Sammy Hagar
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