Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Long time...no posting

Really so many things gone on since my last post, but not a lot of yarn work. Not only did the weather turn insanely over the top hot but my oldest Son showed up as a birthday surprise! So Friday night the 29th, it's a normal evening...other then the heat, but it is nearly July so nothing unusual with that. I go to bed and get woken up at 2 am by my Granddaughter coming in my room! Happy me!(well other then the fact that my house was not company tidy) We spent the next 5 days going all places including the beach.  Spent tons of time in the pool, Brooke is a little fishy and just had a great time together.  
goggles and a kick board...in the hot tub :)

We went to the mall ^.^
Pool time again!
 I have loads of beach shots, but they are on my laptop.  All of these in today's post are from my phone that I forgot about actually and must go through and get them on the computer!
Katlyn and Christopher on the 4th
I had a good birthday, I did miss my other boys but they did call me. We spent the day in the pool and bbqed burgers.  
I got a new light fixture for my dining room from Alysha and oh how I love it!  Christopher hung it up for me and it makes the room sparkle!  Ignore the hideous popcorn ceiling it is attached to...gahhhhh I hate it so much and it covers all rooms except for the kitchen.  I should have taken a before and after shot but the before was not very pleasant so we can just enjoy the after!  Now to get rid of the popcorn....and the carpet....and paint.....and oh hell just gut the place and start over!!!  tiny, baby steps and breath
new lighting

 And now back to crocheting.  I haven't done much at all, I have worked on the pink insides of my True Blood blanket and have about 5 or 6 left to do before moving onto the white ones.  Now I've had this silly idea in my head for a couple of weeks and last night I decided to get it out of my head and work it up.  No pattern, just me playing.

Isn't he cute! 
Again ignore the messy fridge artwork area behind the cuteness, it was 9:30 last night and too dark everywhere else for a decent photo.
Also on my plate of things I'm doing is reading, I forget sometimes how fabulous it is to get lost in a book and A Clash of Kings is a good one for getting lost in!  I finished A Game of Thrones on Sunday night and had bought this when Katlyn and I went to the book store on Wednesday so I was able to breeze on into it! Now I must get the DVD to start watching the series.

Number 2
Tomorrow Katlyn and I are off the Disneyland, she's taking me for my birthday and I can't wait!!  Haven't been in a very long time and we are going to get Mickey ears and have a silly day of Disneyland time!  there will be pictures!

Listening to: Diamond Eyes by Shinedown
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