Thursday, July 19, 2012

Warning...lots of pictures (no yarn involved though!)

For my birthday, my Daughter took me to Disneyland.  I haven't been since 2005 and was like a little kid in my excitement!  I took a ton of pictures and we had a blast even in the sticky heat of the day!   We now have annual passports and will be going regularly too, see I'm already excited for the next visit!  Now on with the pictures....not fantastic ones, because I was always hurrying and there were a bazillion peoples all at Disneyland at the same time as us!  We did arrive at 8 am and had about 2 hours of not super crowded time so that was nice and really, it's the happiest place on Earth so I didn't care because I was quite happy!  The heat got intense but luckily there are plenty of air conditioned rides to stand in line for or cruise around the park in.
Not forgetting where we parked
Tram ride from the parking lot.
Just inside, really should have taken a pic of the front, but oh well
When we went in 2005, we went as a large family group I think there was 13 of us in total.  This time it was just Katlyn and I, pretty cool when in lines for rides and you get to jump ahead because they are looking to fill the seats with parties of 2 :) I have a picture from that 2005 trip of Katlyn in front of Chip and Dale framed and told her we need to take another for an update, she was happy to accommodate me.
My how she's grown
I do believe this will be our tradition for all visits, maybe even get the castle in a shot or 2 as well.
Donald has always been my favorite!
The clouds in the morning were pretty cool looking so I tried to include them a bit.
Tomorrowland, on our way to Star Tours
Space Mountain
I was using the Mouse Wait app that my Brother recommended to see line times and since Autopia had a relatively short wait early on, we thought we'd knock it out early.
In line for Autopia
I let Katlyn drive

Looking for Nemo
Katlyn said she remembered it being bigger
After checking line times again we decided the Pirates being only 5 minutes was our best option instead of staying in Tomorrowland and headed over, quick trip through Pirates and on to the Haunted Mansion, seriously one of my favorite rides.  Katlyn was amused when I told her I remembered when it was brand new and there were television commercials for it, she just laughed and told me I was old :)
Outside the Haunted Mansion

Jungle Cruise with the best tour guide ever!
Waiting for It's a Small World, pretty dang hot at this point!
random picture
my camera wasn't having any part of this!
Teacups, she made me dizzy :)
In line for Alice
I didn't take pictures in every line or of everything, but as I said....we are now Passport holders so I have time to get more!
While waiting for the Monorail
I did learn some things for the next trip....we can take in snacks and and a bottle of water ($21 for 2 hot dogs and 2 sodas is a bit much) I don't mind spending my money at Disneyland, but we were there for 12 hours and need more then a hot dog, I should have taken a small yarn project for the wait times in line and Katlyn said she should have brought her Kindle in with her as well, I will bring an easier to access purse, seriously I tried going with a small, keep everything to a minimum crossbody strapped purse, but all it did was frustrate me with having to take everything out to look for my little change purse with my money in it!  We have learned and also we didn't need a locker, we got one because I figured we would need  sweatshirts in the evening since we had planned on staying until midnight, but alas our feet had other ideas and we left at 8 pm with no need of jackets at all, plus I could have kept them in the car and saved the $7 on the locker.  The parking lot is a tram ride away and that's really not a big deal if necessary.  So I will save $7 on the locker and $21 from lunch and really only need to get drinks which while still pricey, a much better plan and of course the next time we are getting Dole Whips (the line was a bit long and since we were heading to an 80 minute wait at Splash Mountain, Katlyn didn't want to waste anytime getting over there)

Ok that's it for now, I best get to work this is Friday though and YAY for that!  

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