Monday, July 23, 2012

The joys of yarn

Oh yes indeed there are many joys in yarn.  I know for a fact that my dog finds complete joy in my yarn, which in turn does not make me joyful in the least!  Just when I think that I have puppy proofed all yarn, he show me the error in my thinking....please oh please let him grow out of this!!
Anyways moving along.  It is July.  In Southern California.  It is hot.  Like surface of the sun hot.  Now I'm not complaining (much) but it does make wanting to pick up yarn a bit of a challenge.  I have my True Blood Waterlilies blanket that I am working on and fortunately right now it is just small medallions, quite a lot of small medallions, but small nonetheless.  I finished up 34 pink ones last night (number 35 is already a completed square) and started on the white ones, only 28 of those, they literally take me less than 5 minutes to complete which is very nice so I'm hoping that after dinner tonight I can bust a bunch out.
34 done.
 So July is my birthday month and for some reason this year my gifts are most randomized as to when they arrive, but hey it's all good...I like presents no matter when they show up!  Today I got these goodies from my Sister.  Lion Brand's new bonbons, in all the colors!  Little bits of yarn just waiting for me to play with!  
All fine yarns to work up with a tiny hook :)
l to r....sparkly yarns, cottons and plain acrylics

Size reference
Also in the box were these two pretty N.Y. Yarns, now what to do with them?  Scarf? cute mitts?  So many choices....
Fall colors for sure!
Now if the work day would hurry up I could go home and play with yarn!  

Listening to: Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya by Toby Kieth 
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