Monday, June 18, 2012

Things around the house

I am cheap or frugal if you prefer, but I don't mind being called cheap.  If I pay for something I expect to get everything I paid for from that product.  I use Jergens lotion every single day, the original just like my Grandma had when I was a kid.  I get the pump bottles first because it's just easy peazy and second because  being a bigger size the cost is a better bargain.  I problem is at the end getting the last of the lotion out is tricky!  I stand them upside down on the counter, down some banging and pounding but I always know there is still some in there.  Well I generally move on to the next bottle and have been stashing the "empty" ones in my bathroom cabinet until I can come up with some clever scheme to get those bottles to give up the goods!  So guess what I did on Saturday??  I was on the last bits of a bottle and hadn't purchased another yet and was hard pressed to get lotion out of the damn bottle after my shower, so I gathered all that I had and headed for the kitchen.  Grabbed a knife, funnel and spatula and got down to business!  Bottles cut in half, scooped out and refilled the lotion container that I keep on the sink, but never fill because it's such a pain to fill! 
They are empty now!
Got more then I expected!
So on my list of to dos this past weekend I put crochet, I have been neglecting my hooks lately for no good reason, just nothing holding my interest I guess and I didn't want to start a new project with others still unfinished.  The new One Piece collection came in the mail on Friday so that meant DVD viewing, which  meant crocheting on the couch.  I pulled out my pillow cover to finish up the back panel.  Got it done and sewn together while watching the last of the DVD set yesterday afternoon and ta-da! Love it!

There are now buttons to hold it together :)
Rounded up some buttons to close it up and it's all finished and on the couch, though Kid did think it was a giant toy for him so I am hoping that the buttons are still attached to it when I get home!
Also played around with some beads.  Decided I needed a cute summer anklet and got to looking through my beads and thread.  Loaded the thread with the beads and crocheted around them and made 2 with simple button/loop closures.  Used things that I already had which makes my cheap side very happy and will definitely be making more!
Has to go to Target on Sunday to get dog food and a couple of other things and had put Washi Tape on my list so I would remember to check for it there.  I found a roll in black with white dots for $2.99 in the scrapbook section which I was going to get and continued around to the next aisle of stationary and found the motherlode!  Ok not really, but they had 4 packs for $4 in 3 different color choices (though checking around the internet,  they actually carry 4 different color choices...sweet mercy!)  I got the turquoise/green combo pack and you can bet there are more colors in my future, I have a serious love for this stuff!   
The coolness that is tape!
So today is Monday and I am going to work on getting things done this week.  I have a new purse to start for Alysha with some really crazy expensive yarn she bought at the yarn shop when I was in Santa Rosa, I mean I'm scared to use it expensive, but that's what she picked and bought!  I will get picture of the yarn when I get home, I have it all wrapped in the bag out of cat and dog reach!

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