Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back from the North

Got no crocheting done while up in Santa Rosa, was pretty busy with the girl.  I did manage to get to my most favorite yarn  store  while there though and pick up some yarn for my Sister (we are doing a little swap this month) and just enjoyed all the lovely yarns they have.  Miss Brooke kept me busy and we had a great time hanging out.  She had a jumping party on Saturday and then we had a BBQ where I got to hangout with all 4 of my kids at the same time!  
Stopped jumping for a minute so I could take a picture.
We went to the river on Sunday so Brooke could play in the water.  Really such a pleasant trip this time.  Well other then my car not starting again after stopping at the rest area in Buttonwillow.  Good times I tell you!  Me and 2 dogs stuck in 112 miles from home and 300 miles from my Sons....good time to panic but I did not in fact didn't even cry (which surprised me) and after calling people for a bit of knowledge as to what I could do, I found a nice man that had jumper cables and I was on the road again.  Of course I couldn't turn off my car until I arrived in Santa Rosa which made getting gas a scary experience and not being able to pee for 300 miles meant no drinking or eating!  Oh how I love roadtrips!  Got there fine without an other incidents and parked my car until Saturday when my Son took me to buy a battery before the jumping party.  Buy battery, install battery car starts right up BUT won't stay running!  Oh lord, this is not going well.  Ok we decided, return the battery and get the car back to his house and see what's up.  Car won't stay running unless you keep your foot on the gas at all times, really makes for an amusing ride home!  Get to his house and think it's best to back in the driveway for easy access, car dies in the middle of the street, sideways and then won't start again!  Hilarious!  So we attempt to push the car by ourselves into the driveway, a bit uphill mind you...yeah never gonna happen!  It's hot outside, we are sweating like crazy and have to be at a party in like a minute!  New plan, let;s just park it on the street against the fence on the wrong side of the street, it should be fine we are only going to be away for 2 hours.  Push and maneuver my crazy heavy vehicle against the fence with much laughing from the both of us! Whew!  Later in the day with the help of a few others my car was up and running, apparently a small but important part was clogged up and by changing the battery made that small but important part stopped working!  Did get a new battery again on Sunday and get home without any issues at all!

River time
So that's it from my weekend and haven;t picked up a hook in days, well actually I did get a couple of squares done on the ride home for Brooke's blanket that I started last year.  I need to get settled down and get some crocheting done!

So with that I will get back to work!

Listening to:  Get Stoned by Hinder

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