Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesdays crazy!!

Ok I have some pictures to post. First one will be the hat I just made for a friend at work. His favorite hockey team is the San Jose Sharks, so I made his hat black & turquoise.
and here is my Daughter modeling it.

I gathered yarn for the trip and will be making a scarf for my cousin using these
I will also be bringing the last 4 squares for Katlyn's blanket to finish up and some yarn for a hat or 2 as requested by my coworkers and my alpaca for some wrist warmers and a matching hat for myself. Sounds like a lot BUT it is and 10 hours trip and I would rather have too many projects then not enough! Whew, now off to pack all of this stuff into my rolling yarn tote, hopefully it will all squish down in there and still have room for the puzzle books and pencils that my daughter is taking for us as well!
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