Sunday, October 07, 2007

blogging on vacation

Well I've been gone from home for a couple of days. I brought yarn with me for the train ride and yet didn't really get all that much done. I am still at my Sisters house, we are heading back to Nor-Cal in the morning. Back on the train at 6am. The trip down was nice. We had a table on the train and that was nice for the kids and great for spreading out. We put our snacks and drinks out and had plenty of space. I hope the trip back up is equally as pleasant.
My Aunt flew in from Tennessee and surprised everyone, so that was an added bonus! My Neice and Nephew were very surprised to see us and very happy that we were able to come done. I am hoping that I can get at least one more of Katlyn's squares done on the trip back. I finished up the one I was working on so I am down to 3 left! YAY!!

Got to go and finish packing. I have lots of pictures to upload when I get home!!
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