Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm back....

Ok, I've been back but haven't posted. I have been catching up on reading emails and blogs and unpacking and laundry. I haven't crocheted anything since Monday on the train ride back and even that was short lived as my Sister gave me a book to read and once I start reading, well that's it, I'm hooked until I'm done with the book. I just finished it tonight while making dinner. Now on with crocheting again. Oh wait, she gave me the second book too...oh well at least the books are fast reads! Anyway the book (s) are so called "chick-lit". I personally don't care for that term BUT...I just finished "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin. I enjoyed it, I love a quick light read that I can lose myself in. Next up is "Something Blue" by the same author. Hopefully I can get so crocheting done in between all of that! I will get Katlyn's blanket done BEFORE her birthday on the 27th! Oh no!!! I just remembered that I have 3 squares to send out and I'm late with them! CRUD!!!!!
Here I am snapped by my Daughter, working on wrist warmers/fingerless gloves made with my lovely Baby Alpaca yarn that I bought for my birthday. See I did a little crochet. Of course this was on the way down before I got the books! oopsie!
That's about it. I will be taking yarn pictures tomorrow hopefully if the sun comes out! I really need to get some more stuff going on as the boredom around here is getting bad!!!
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