Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back in Action

I've made progress!!! I finally got Katlyn's 20th square done for her 20 Square Blanket, now to put it together! Oh and weave all the ends in, but at least it's good to go.
Here is the last square done and my empty yarn container!! Yay!!
Here's the start of the blanket. Here we have the making of an actual blanket! I am so excited to get this done! I can get back to finishing my ripple and knock out some Christmas gifts! I haven't been doing anything else except this blanket so there's really nothing else to update. I haven't even been playing on Ravelry or checking my email, that's going to be bad because the 2 groups I belong to generate a lot of email and it tends to take awhile to get through them all.
Ok well enough of that. I best get to stitchin' & bitchin' at this blanket! My Daughter's birthday is Saturday and I have to get it done. Plus get the cake and the party stuff, good thing tomorrows Friday! Be back soon!

Listening to: Hold You, Kiss You, Love You by Toby Keith
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