Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Football

Finally a game I really want to watch on TV! The Bears are playing the Cowboys this afternoon! I am going to get my things gathered early so I can just settle in on the sofa for an afternoon of football. I stated on the green section of my ripple and will try to get an updated picture up sometime today. I also have to get a beanie done for a friend at work and scarves out for my Cousin Sara. I might just work on those smaller projects while watching football today. I set a goal that when I get back to the Camo yarn on the ripple that I would start my Nephews ripple of Camo & black and the ripple is next after the green that I am on right now so....that is going to mean a whole new blanket started! I really have to plan this out better, I did the same thing last year for Christmas. I just don't plan enough time to get everything done. Pk I best get off of the computer and get some going around here. I'll grab the camera first.

Listening to: Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen
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