Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ok I'm whipping them out!

I have decided that just working on one project is not quite enough so I've taken on 3 since last week! I am working on Brandon's squares:
Here's one of 18 for the blue and I have the 2 white ones done already. I need to get some more Simply Soft Black yarn to get it finished!

This is a purse that I made for my Cousin who has been bugging me (love you sara!) for her very own little felted bag! This yarn I LOVE, it's one that I dyed myself with Kool-aid, but instead of the bath method I hand "painted" it and I think it came out so pretty that I really wanted to keep it for myself, but I will pass it along to Sara! I just have to felt it.
Felting will commence this week sometime and maybe she will get to use it!

And now to the craziest project I do believe I have taken on:
I have never done any kind of graph crocheting before and I think there is a possibility that this could send me over the edge! I don;t know if I can even accomplish this feat! I have already ripped out rows (where the color changes start) and think I have to yet again! I don't know how this will turn out but it is a gift so I can't make it sloppy and being a perfectionist will be a problem on this blanket! Here's what I have so far:

Now those do not look like pretty color changes! GRRRR!!! Ok onward, must not let it win! This is the ultimate in true love!

Listening to: In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins
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