Monday, September 25, 2006

It's coming along!

Well I am still making progress on this crazy afghan I have decided to make! I'm concerned that once I get the first half done I will not have the will power to finish the other half! It is a serious amount of tangles and written instructions! Well I am doing the written instructions as I have found it easier to write out what I am doing row by row! I think that I did make good progress this weekend though! My Daughter loves it and has sworn to me that she will make sure that the recipient of this afghan will do the proper amount of loving it! :) She has my back on this because only she knows the craziness of what I am going through! Here are the pictures from the weekend work:

Just 2 different angles.
I did get another square done for Brandon's blanket as well. I have a list of things that people want so I will stay busy through out the cooler months!

That's it for today!

Listening to: Life in The Fast Lane by The Eagles
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