Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wild Picture Wednesday!

Ok, I took a few pictures last night to play catch up! This is the stack of squares (minus 2) for Andrews blanket! Whew almost done! (they are folded in fourths)
I can't wait for this to be off my hook!
Next we have the current baby blanket that I am making:

I have started on the yellow, but I might frog the whole thing because I don't like the green...I don't know yet!

Here are the pictures of my recent yarn purchases:
Now I have no idea what this will be used for yet, but at a dollar a skein I CAN'T pass that up! I bought 4 (that was all they had)
This was on sale and I loved the color and the texture so, well I always need another scarf!
And now the Dollar Tree is the Bernet Ping Pong in black. I will be using the red Fun Fur with it to make a scarf. I like the black base and then the "hairs" of red sticking out! It will be fun.
That's all I've got so far! I'm doing research to see where the yarn stores are in Vegas, if anyone knows any let me know!

Listening to: Back Where You Belong by .38 Special
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