Monday, June 12, 2006

A new week...

I got the well traveled bag finished and wrapped in time for the party, but I forgot to get a picture of it with my good camera! I managed to get one with my cell phone though so sorry for the quality! Sorry Sas, she loved it! :)

I started yet another afghan this time the one for my cousin and his new wife. I chose Simply Soft yarn this time for it's softness. I am using Orchid in the middle, Sage around that and then Off White for the outside. It will be the same as the last ones I made and the one I'm doing for Andrew's Orange monster, with the variation of a third color in the middle.
I like the colors together and the wedding colors were sage with some lavender flowers so I'm hoping that will work out for them.

Other then that I haven't done much else. I am trying to get Andrew's blanket done before July 15th as that's is when everyone (all the kids with their Dad) is going to Yosemite and I will be meeting them up there to camp.

Listening to: Paradise by The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf
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